Read This First

Hi there. My name is Cory LaViska, and this is Postleaf. I've spent the last few years designing this project and bringing it to life — first in PHP and now in Node.js.

Heads up! This demo site resets itself every 15 minutes!

What Is It?

Postleaf is a post-centric content management system. It works well for blogging, but it can power an entire website too.

It's completely customizable. You can create your own theme using a powerful template system called Dust.js, which is similar to Handlebars or Twig.

Postleaf is the first open source publishing platform to feature a true WYSIWYG editor and ship with what I call Dynamic Images, which gives you responsive images out of the box with zero effort from users or theme designers.

Postleaf was just released for beta testing. You can grab the source over on GitHub:

Notable Features

  • Posts & pages
  • Inline editing
  • Zen mode (distraction-free mode with day and night modes)
  • Dynamic images
  • JSON-LD, OpenGraph, & Twitter Card support
  • File manager
  • Tags
  • Users (and roles)
  • Quick post (for posting on the go or saving ideas for later)
  • Spotlight-style search from anywhere in the admin panel
  • Revisions (view and recover previous versions of any post)
  • Complete backups (your data, themes, and uploads)
  • i18n (already available in English, German, and French)

I've discussed many of these features more extensively in this post if you're interested.

Things To Try

Feel free to explore the demo. Here are some things you might find interesting:

  1. Edit a post
  2. Explore the tags section
  3. Change the navigation menu
  4. View the users section
  5. Change the site's settings
  6. Go to the file manager by pressing CMD + U from anywhere in the admin panel
  7. Search for something by pressing CMD+ SHIFT + F from anywhere in the admin panel.
  8. Try Quick Post by clicking the Postleaf icon and selecting it from the menu.

Keep in mind that other people may be using the demo too!

Since this is a public demo, you might run into people posting stupid, mean, or inappropriate things. Try not to be such a person. The demo resets on its own every 15 minutes.

More Info

For more info, head over to and follow @postleafapp on Twitter.

Thanks for trying the demo!